How are students accepted?
We accept well-qualified applicants, whose files are complete, based on space available after our current student re-enrollment. We make our first round of decisions in early March, and then, if additional space is available, we will consider applicants on a rolling basis. Every attempt is made to balance classrooms by age and gender.

How do students transition from a Montessori environment to a more traditional school?
MSD gives students all the skills necessary to be successful in any academic environment. MSD graduates are highly motivated, eager learners who have a strong relationship with their teachers. They are unafraid to ask for help and display great confidence and poise. They demonstrate their knowledge in a variety of ways. They consistently make good choices academically and socially.

Where do students go to school after MSD?
Our goal is to find the best match between an MSD graduate and his or her next learning environment. We send students to a variety of other ACIS schools as well as public magnet and gifted programs. Students from MSD have gone to Colorado Academy, Cherry Creek High School, Denver School of the Arts, East High School, Kent Denver, Regis Jesuit, St. Mary's Academy, and many more!

Who were Montessori graduates?
There are many noteworthy people who were Montessori educated. They include author Anne Frank, Former First Lady Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Chef Julia Child, Larry Page & Sergey Brin (founders of, Princes William and Henry, Katharine Graham (former owner/editor of Washington Post), and Jeff Bezos (founder of Other noteworthy people associated with Montessori include Bill and Hillary Clinton, Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, Fred Rogers (i.e. Mister Rogers), Jean Piaget, and Alice Waters.

Contact Admission Team
Questions?  Please contact Tara Gehrke, Director of Admissions at 303-756-9441, x115 or email her at, or Kara Zwierkowski, Assistant Director of Admissions at 303-756-9441 x129 or email her at

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