The Grocery Store Card program is an important fundraiser for the Parent Assocation. We sell the following cards:

  • $50 and $100 King Soopers
  • $25 and $100 Whole Foods
  • $50 and $100 Safeway
  • $50 and $100 Natural Grocers
  • $50 and $100 Sprouts
  • $25 Starbucks (which can be added to your Starbucks app!)

There are three ways to purchase Grocery Store Cards:

1) Sign up for the monthly Grocery Store Card program here.

2) Place a one time order. The order will be filled and ready to pick up on the next date the MSD Store is open. Forms are available in the Office. 

3) Come visit the MSD Store when it is open and purchase cards. Dates for the 2016-17 School TBD.

Program Details: When you enroll in the monthly program, your credit card is charged for your first month’s order. After that, it will be automatically charged on the 5th day of the month of your next order. For example, if you sign up by Sept. 30, you will receive your order in the October distribution. Your credit card is then charged again on November 5 and you will receive your order in the November distribution. The carline distribution dates are TBD. For July and August, your orders will be ready for pick up in the Welcome Center on Thursday, July 7 and Monday, August 8.   Dates are subject to change.
In addition to feeding your family and raising money for MSD, you receive one Work Bond credit for every $200 accumulated in card purchases (any combination of cards). So for example, if you join the monthly program, order $200 a month in cards of any combination for October through June, that easily earns you nine Work Bond credits! All you’ve done is spend money you already would have buying groceries for your family, or on your daily latte, AND you’ve helped MSD! Last year, we raised over $20,000 from Grocery Store Cards, which supports the PA’s fundraising effort. Plus, we track the purchases for you so this is Work Bond that we keep track of!
Now for some fine print: You can order or purchase cards from more than one vendor/store; the cards do not expire, and they are like cash. MSD cannot replace the cards if they are lost or stolen, so we recommend that you register them with the store so they can replace them if that happens. Also, if you are a Starbucks Gold Member, you can purchase the Starbucks cards and load them on to your existing account. If you need to make any changes to your order, including changing your credit card, contact Cleopatra Frazier in the Business Office, 303-756-9441, ext. 145. If you have any questions about the program, please contact Carole Baran, Director of Parent Programs and Events, 303-756-9441, ext. 113 or

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