Penny Harvest Student Board Awards Grants

The awesome MSD Penny Harvest Student Board worked hard last fall marketing the Penny Harvest collection and was able to raise $2400 from the MSD community! Then, the Student Board members researched charities and foundations to receive a portion of the money that MSD collected. The students chose three areas that they wanted to focus on – Health and Wellness, Animal Rescue, and Disaster Relief. They researched different non-profits within these areas, and then voted on which non-profits they wanted to interview. We were lucky that every non-profit they chose was able to come to school and meet with the students. The students asked great questions, and learned so much about each organization and where their dollars go. Ultimately, the roundtable chose to focus on Health and Wellness and Animal Rescue.

The students then discussed each organization, including how a donation of $500 would impact that specific group, and how far it would go for them. They then voted to decide how much each organization would receive from the $2400 that was collected from the MSD community. The following organizations received grants from the MSD Penny Harveat collection: The George Karl Foundation, Freedom Service Dogs, Children’s Hospital Foundation, The Wild Animal Sanctuary, and the Colorado Horse Rescue. 

These students really are a great example of the MSD Mission Statement to “do good in the world.”

Make Way for MSD’s New Arts and Athletics Center!

With the deconstruction of the church next door, we are on our way to the start of our beautiful new Arts and Athletics Center. The deconstruction was truly an exciting event for all of the students as they watched in anticipation as the building came down. The building will be deconstructed, rather than demolished, so that most of the materials can be recycled or repurposed. Things to be salvaged include doors, windows, interior beams, and bricks. The deconstruction will pave the way for the construction of MSD’s new 10,000 square foot Arts and Athletics Center. When completed, this building will house a new gymnasium, complete with climbing wall, fitness room, drama and music room that doubles as a real stage, locker rooms, a teaching kitchen, a commons for lunch, after school, and community space, as well as an Art Barn. The estimated time frame for completion of the Art and Athletics Center is approximately six to seven months, with a targeted opening date of May 2014. In addition, the outdoor area immediately adjacent to the Arts and Athletics Center will include an athletic field, basketball court, outdoor plaza, and student designed tree house.

MSD Mosquito Spring Net Wins Patent

MSD and Chris Imhof, Director of Global Studies and Middle School Developer and Teacher have been awarded a non- provisional patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for the invention of the Mosquito Spring Net. 

The Mosquito Spring Net was developed during December 2007 and January 2008 as part of a project through the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS). The NAIS 20/20 Challenge Program, based on J.F. Rischard’s book High Noon: Twenty Global Problems, Twenty Years to Solve Them, pairs schools around the world to solve global problems. Upper Elementary students at MSD and students in Zambia through Project Educate, an education group in Zambia working with NAIS, collaborated via a social network blog, Partners for Planetary Solutions to address the global problem of infectious diseases—specifically malaria.  Both groups of students conducted research on malaria's causes, prevention, and treatment. 

Inspired by an article in the January 2008 issue of Scientific American titled “A Better Mosquito Net" by Dr. Eva Kaplan Chris, with the help of the Upper Elementary students, developed the Mosquito Spring Net, modeling it after a child’s play tunnel. The Spring Net, ranging from two to three feet in length, is a small, efficient, and effective way to protect young children from infancy to 5 years of age, the age group most affected by malaria. We are so excited to be recognized for this invention.

What’s next? We look forward to taking the next step in finding a way to manufacture and distribute the net to “do good in the world.”

New Upper Elementary/Middle School Building Completed – Phase 1 of the Master Plan Underway

On the first day of school MSD welcomed its first seventh grade class into a beautiful new facility, the completely renovated Upper Elementary/ Middle School Building. The building includes all new and additional windows, new Upper Elementary classrooms and breakout rooms, a new Middle School Center of Collaboration, Middle School classrooms, new foreign language classroom and lab media room. Also new this year is the Science and Innovation Tower and adjacent data lab, due to open later on in September. This new facility marks the beginning of an extensive Master Planning project which also includes a new Arts and Athletics Center that will house a new gymnasium, complete with climbing wall, fitness room, drama and music room that doubles as a real stage, locker rooms, a teaching kitchen, a commons for lunch, after school, and community space, as well as an Art Barn. We will commence construction on the Arts and Athletics Center, along with a new Athletic Field, continent gardens, discovery path and student-designed Tree House, this fall with an expected opening next spring.