I WILL be well prepared to thrive in high school
and beyond.


(ages eleven through fourteen, grades six through eight)

The MSD Middle School is thoughtfully designed to meet the developmental needs of students in sixth, seventh and eighth grade. It is a continuum of the MSD school philosophy that is rooted in Montessori philosophy with an eye toward best practices. We foster intellectual curiosity through lessons that are relevant, diverse, authentic to real-world experience, and guided toward student ambitions and passions. Students’ social-emotional needs are also at the forefront of our program and are well cared for throughout the Middle School experience.

What makes our Middle School so un-middle-school-ish?

  • It’s engaging and experiential. We have designed every facet of our curriculum to be challenging, collaborative, reflective, and student-centered.
  • It’s rigorous in all the right ways. Our strong, core academics are highly integrated with other subject matter areas including the arts and sports – keeping middle-school brains (and attention spans) fully engaged.
  • It’s so much bigger than just us. We put global education at the forefront and constantly find ways to inspire this age group to be prepared and excited about doing amazing things in the community and beyond.
  • We understand middle school students’ unique needs. Kids in these grades are full of enthusiasm and energy, and they’re also coping with a world of changes in themselves, their peers and their studies. We put a smart, compassionate emphasis on social-emotional growth and help support these fantastic kids every step of the way. Click here to read more about "Social Emotional Support During the Middle School Years."
  • The community is also our classroom. Our students take part in innovative projects, and real life opportunities beyond our campus walls.
  • We are anything but “standard” but we absolutely exceed “standardized” requirements. Our middle school includes a dynamic, experiential, solid core curriculum benchmarked against state and independent Montessori school standards. We are committed to making sure our students master these standards and have the tools necessary for success in high school, college and beyond. We are constantly looking at the best schools nationally and locally to determine how we implement best practices into our middle school curriculum.

Montessori School of Denver
1460 South Holly Street
Denver, CO 80222
Phone 303-756-9441

Accredited by the Association of Colorado
Independent Schools and the
American Montessori Society*

*Accredited with non-traditional Montessori age groupings