Admission Process


MSD Admission Process

We are thrilled to talk to families about Montessori School of Denver! You’ll find MSD’s Admission staff are friendly, available, and know the answer to just about any question you have about MSD! Your roadmap for our admission process is below – only 7 steps toward becoming a life-ready MSD graduate! Jump in and get started, and let us know if you have any questions!

Jane and Linder of MSD's Admissions Team 2023 | Admissions at Montessori School of Denver
MSD’s Admission Team: Jane Connard and Linder Gendron
1. Inquire

The first step is to submit an Inquiry to help us learn more about your student and answer your questions. Click here to get in touch!

2. Visit Our Campus

A Montessori environment offers a unique educational experience that can only be truly appreciated by seeing it in action. Join us for an opportunity to visit the classrooms, explore outdoor learning spaces, and engage with teachers and students. Group tours will be held throughout the fall for 2024-2025 interest. Stay tuned!

3. Apply Online

Submit an online application ($150 non-refundable fee). A member of the Admission Team will reach out with all next steps. Note: 6th – 8th Grade applicants must also complete the Supplementary Student Application. The application deadline for the first round of admission for the 2024-2025 school year is Tuesday, January 9, 2024. The application deadline for siblings of current MSD students is Friday, November 17, 2023. We require all families to visit our campus (Step 2) prior to applying.

4. Submit Required Documents

As part of the online application, you will be asked to provide additional documents. Upload birth certificate, video and additional materials as applicable. Students who currently attend another educational setting are asked to provide Transcripts and a Teacher Recommendation(s). Electronic transcript and recommendation requests can be sent directly from the online checklist to be shared with MSD. All documents must be received by Friday, February 9, 2024. Your student’s application will be considered complete once materials are provided and Steps 5-7 are finalized.

5: Virtual Parent/Guardian Chat
Parent/Guardian Chats must be completed by Friday, February 16, 2024. When you enroll your child at MSD, your family joins an amazing community of parents committed to a successful partnership between school and home. We value that relationship and therefore recognize the importance of getting to know you, as well as your child. A parent/guardian chat is required with a member of the Administrative team to learn more about your family. During this time, we are also available to answer questions regarding our educational philosophy, program hallmarks, logistics, and any other questions you may have.
6: Student Visit

Student visits are required for all applicants, except Toddlers. These visits allow prospective MSD students to participate in classroom activities and engage with materials, peers and teachers. Student visits vary in length according to their applied program and are scheduled accordingly. A member of the Admission Team will reach out to schedule your visit, and should be completed by Friday, February 16, 2024.

Note: Primary and Kindergarten Visit Day will be held the morning of Friday, Feb 9, 2024.

7: Notification Dates

Notifications will be sent after 4pm via email on the following dates:

  • Toddler notification is Tuesday, March 12, 2024.
  • Primary through Fifth Grade notification is Friday, March 1, 2024.
  • Middle School notification is Friday, February 23, 2024.

All deadlines above are for the first round of admission consideration. Afterward, we will continue to accept applications year-round based on space availability. Admission is never guaranteed.


MSD Programs

Click on the images below to learn more about MSD’s academic programs.

Montessori School of Denver Admissions to Toddler | Montessori Toddlers are 2-3 years old at MSD | MSD Toddler students plant, garden, and care for their environment


Ages 2-3
Our toddler village early learning environment is built for exploration and practical life skills; with a playground just their size, a garden area, and dedicated outdoor workspaces for each classroom. Learn more here.
Montessori School of Denver Admissions to Kindergarten and Primary Programs | Primary Sensorial and Math in a Montessori Classroom

Primary and Kindergarten

Ages 3-6
MSD Preschool and Kindergarten programs focus on helping students to make thoughtful choices, develop concentration, and engage in caring and purposeful interaction with their environment. Learn more here.

Lower Elementary

Ages 6-9, Grades 1-3
The MSD Lower Elementary program offers students a rich curriculum based on individual understanding that is challenging, collaborative, and interwoven with real world application. Learn more here.
Montessori School of Denver Admissions to Lower Elementary or Grades 1-3

Upper Elementary

Ages 9-11, Grades 4-5
MSD’s Upper Elementary program expands the rich curriculum to focus on confidence and achievement, reinforcing the importance of responsibility, service, ownership of knowledge, and integrity. Learn more here.
Montessori School of Denver Admissions to Upper Elementary School or Grades 4 and 5 | MSD Upper Elementary students tend to the urban farm and garden | care for environment
Montessori School of Denver Admissions to Middle School | Montessori Middle School Science

Middle School

Ages 11-14, Grades 6-8
We have designed every facet of our Middle School curriculum with smart, compassionate emphasis on social-emotional growth; strong, core academics; and a global education at the forefront. Learn more here.
Montessori School of Denver Specials Classes include Music and Theater among others | MSD Middle School students perform Willy Wonka Jr. for the MS Play | Montessori Middle School


MSD’s Specials program enriches the already robust Montessori curriculum and school culture, providing students a more rounded education. Specials classes are in addition to regular classroom studies and include physical education, music and theater, art, Spanish, library sciences, and handcraft. Our Urban Farm program is also part of our Specials program. Learn more here.