About MSD

A Letter from MSD’s Head of School

Hello! Welcome to Montessori School of Denver!

For nearly 60 years, MSD has maintained a spirit of innovation anchored in the principles of Montessori, growing to meet the changing needs of our students and the world around us. Today, our five-acre campus serves nearly 350 students from Toddler through 8th Grade, with both local and national accreditations, 80+ incredible faculty and staff, a robust academic curriculum and a track record of inspiring success stories. And as the reputation of Montessori education continues to flourish, there has never been a better time to celebrate our Montessori roots while looking forward to creating MSD’s future together.

As the oldest Montessori school in Denver, our unique and documented curriculum is grounded in Montessori philosophy but our program includes so much more – from the arts, to our urban farming program, to our do-good service program that touches all ages in meaningful ways. MSD parents know first-hand how our educational approach supports and nurtures a child’s development in all areas: intellectual, physical, and social-emotional.

The world is rapidly changing and an MSD education ensures that our students are prepared for whatever comes next. It’s why our graduates are set up for success through the coming Fourth Industrial Revolution; not only are they equipped with the academic and social skills needed to take on any challenge they face after leaving our campus, but they also emerge as life-ready global citizens invested with a lifelong love of learning.

When you choose MSD, you choose an extraordinary experience for your children and your family. At our school, we believe in the happiness advantage and that being happy and optimistic has a great deal to do with success. Research shows that cultivating positive brains makes us more motivated, efficient, resilient, creative, and productive which drives performance upward. That is exactly what we do at MSD.

I encourage you to learn more about our mission and values, our philosophy, our academic approach, our faculty, our programs, our students, and our community. If what you see and read here intrigues you, then I invite you to come visit and learn first-hand just what makes MSD a remarkable place. I look forward to welcoming you to school!

See you soon!

Julie Bragdon
Head of School

Montessori School of Denver's 2022 8th Grade Graduation with Julie Bragdon, Head of School