Montessori School of Denver

Volunteer & Work Bond

Working together to create the most extraordinary of schools.

Volunteering at MSD is a win-win for everyone. Our volunteers enrich our community with energy, ideas, and enthusiasm. Our parent volunteers gain a better understanding of our school’s mission and educational philosophy. Plus, our students develop self-confidence and greater self-esteem in a supportive environment that includes students, faculty, staff, and parents. Ultimately, our children learn the importance and gratification of giving back to their community the way their parents do.

The Work Bond Program is designed to strengthen the quality of the volunteer program and to keep tuition increase to a minimum. The Work Bond fee of $250 is paid when a family enters the school with the expectation that each family will volunteer a minimum of 25 hours during the school year.

School Opportunities:

Family Association of MSD (FAM) Opportunities:

FAMILY Association

We Heart Parents

Our amazing students come from some equally fantastic families. So we’re always excited to harness the talents and energy of the adults in our community.

The Family Association of MSD (FAM) is a volunteer organization that supports and helps to coordinate friend-raising and fundraising activities for MSD, as well as enhances and supports all aspects of our students’ education. All parents and guardians of currently enrolled students are automatically members of the FAM. The FAM also volunteers for the MSD Store, selling Grocery Store Cards and MSD logo merchandise.

From friend-raisers to fundraisers, the FAM offers all kinds of fun opportunities for supporting our school. Friend-raisers build the sense of community that is so important to MSD, and the fundraisers support the four areas that help to keep our school strong – professional development, new technology in the classroom, financial aid for our families, and wherever it’s needed most on campus.