Montessori School of Denver

Student Life

At MSD, you’ll find a wonderful mix of academics and discovery, creativity, athletics, music, and so much more.

The forward-thinking ideas Maria Montessori introduced to the world 100 years ago have withstood the test of time because they were brilliantly, simply, about how human beings learn. And for 60 years, Montessori School of Denver has been building on those ideals, adding innovation and technology, increased global readiness and a curriculum that makes sure our graduates are ready for rigorous academics in high school and beyond.

  • Personal relationships are at the heart of all we do. Our teachers know what each child needs and nurture student growth in all areas.
  • We foster intellectual curiosity. Lessons are intriguing, diverse, and designed to keep kids interested, active, and engaged. We encourage kids to be creative problem-solvers.
  • We teach kids to think in connections. Our curriculum is highly integrated. Learning things in context makes sense for students!
  • We think sitting still is overrated! When kids move their bodies, their brains have room to think.
  • We teach responsibility. Kids learn how to partner in their own learning and to not be afraid to take risks. We encourage students to be good citizens.
  • Our method works! Montessori philosophy is over 100 years old! Its effectiveness is supported by current brain research and best educational practices.

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We are an entire community of global do-gooders.

Our kids aren’t just happy learners, they’re bonafide global do-gooders. The Montessori philosophy is all about thinking outside the box. And the neighborhood. And our comfort zones. Our teachers help kids of all ages understand the important role they can play in the world so that they become creative thinkers and leaders for the good of others. We have worked consciously to strengthen our public purpose through our school’s purposeful civic engagement. Civic engagement through service-learning has always been a part of MSD’s traditions and school culture. We recognize the importance of educating our children to be not only competent individuals but also people who are thoughtful, compassionate and civic-minded members of society.  Our mission statement includes the call to “do good in the world” and we select service-learning projects that go beyond collecting spare change to provide opportunities for our students to apply skills learned in the classroom, develop leadership skills, appreciate diversity and learn character and the concept of giving selflessly. Meaningful service-learning is the combination of education and volunteering, we want our students to develop a sense of civic and social responsibility through classroom learning as well as by giving them the opportunity to become active, positive contributors to society. MSD students acquire an ethic of caring because we marry service, education, and reflection. Through our carefully crafted Do Good/service-learning program, our students see firsthand that they can truly make a difference and from that involvement comes a sense of leadership, responsibility, increased self-awareness, confidence and respect for others. They see and experience the powerful bridge between themselves, our school, and the greater community. Some examples of the good we’re doing:

  • Socktober – Lower Elementary students collect socks for the less fortunate in our community.
  • Reading and Technology Buddies – older students teaching younger students skills.
  • South Platte Family Stewardship Day (previously known as “Family RiverSweep”) – We gather to clean and improve several City Parks along The South Platte River.
  • Donate produce – our Farm Team regularly donates produce from our Urban and Vertical Farms to various charitable organizations.
  • Assisted Living Home Visits – students visit and sing songs, distribute handmade cards, play games, read books, and do crafts with the residents.
  • StandUp for Kids – Middle School students organize this project by collecting and handing out tents, sleeping bags, and blankets to Denver’s homeless youth.
  • Alex’s Lemonade Stand – Lower Elementary students sell fresh squeezed lemonade to raise funds to benefit cancer research.
  • Animal Shelter supplies – Kindergarten students have made and donated homemade dog treats, soft animal blankets, and cat toys to local animal shelters.
  • Coats For Colorado – collecting coats for donation at Thanksgiving time.
  • The Penny Harvest – collecting pennies and turning those pennies into grants for community organizations.
  • Reach Out and Read (ROAR) book collection – donating books to doctor’s offices around the nation to promote literacy and a love of reading.
  • Packing Power Sacks – packing over 300 sacks of groceries for all families at a low-income school for weekend meals.
  • Global Giving – supporting grassroots projects by donating to
  • The Heifer Project – providing families the ability to self-sustain through farming.
  • The Book Giveaway – collecting books for Family Star Montessori and Operation School Bell.
  • Filling Betsy’s Cupboard – collecting supplies for The Gathering Place, a day shelter for Women and Children.
  • The Gathering Place – providing bagged lunches for woman, children, and transgender individuals that are experiencing poverty or homelessness.
  • Warren Village – selling baked goods to buy books for the Library in the Day Care Center at Warren Village, help with their Holiday Shop, and host “Family Nights” with food and crafts.
  • Campus-wide Recycling and Composting – keeping our campus “green.”
  • 20/20 Challenge Program Mosquito Net Project – designing a better mosquito net for the protection of children under the age of five in Zambia.