Our students discover the adrenaline rush of discovery. The joy of collaborative thinking. The pride of leadership. They are question-askers, deep-thinkers and optimistic solution-finders.

For 60 years, Montessori School of Denver has maintained a spirit of innovation anchored in the principles of Montessori. Over the decades, MSD has grown to meet the changing needs of our students, families and the world around us. Today, our five acre campus serves nearly 350 students from Toddler through 8th Grade, with updated classrooms, new playgrounds, an Urban Farm, and so much more.

With local and national accreditations, 80+ incredible faculty and staff, a robust mission-driven curriculum and a 60-year track record of inspiring success stories, it’s no wonder that our graduates are life-ready global citizens.

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MSD provides individualized learning plans and freedom within limits in a carefully structured environment for all of our students.

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Be Yourself | Montessori School of Denver
Be Curious | Montessori School of Denver


Our unique programs and experiences prepare our students to become hard working, independent, socially adept, collaborative thinkers.

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We foster leadership in all its forms. MSD students are confident speakers, empathetic collaborators, and fearless mistake-makers, whether they’re developing their entrepreneurial skills on our Urban Farm, partnering with our younger students for lessons, or volunteering alongside other MSD families.

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Be Brave | Montessori School of Denver
Be Engaged | Montessori School of Denver


Our thriving community of families and educators are highly engaged, both on campus and off. From family events to parent education, from volunteering in the classroom to fundraisers and social gatherings, to supporting our incredible school and each other.

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Our highly trained faculty are driven by a desire to see each individual child succeed. MSD’s teachers nurture strong relationships with students and their families, fostering trust and establishing lasting relationships while guiding students to reach their full potential.

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Be MSD | Montessori School of Denver


A commitment to DEIB runs deep in our Montessori roots. We strive for an environment that’s not only diverse but inclusive, by fostering a sense of belonging for every community member. From an emphasis on social-emotional and cultural competency learning to age-appropriate affinity groups and a dedicated student support team, our responsibility extends from our youngest students to our Board of Trustees.

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