Montessori School of Denver

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Click on a program level below to learn more about the curriculum here at MSD. When you’re ready to speak to someone in Admission and schedule a tour, be sure to fill out an Inquiry Form. We can’t wait to meet you!

TODDLER Ages 2-3

Our toddler village early learning environment is built for exploration and practical life skills; with a playground just their size, a garden area, and dedicated outdoor workspaces for each classroom.

PRIMARY Ages 3-6

MSD Preschool and Kindergarten programs focus on helping students to make thoughtful choices, develop concentration, and engage in caring and purposeful interaction with their environment.


The MSD Elementary program offers students a rich curriculum based on individual understanding that is challenging, collaborative and interwoven with real world application.


We have designed every facet of our middle school curriculum with smart, compassionate emphasis on social-emotional growth; strong, core academics; and a global education at the forefront.

Meet Our Graduates

MSD graduates the skills and abilities to be creative problem solvers, to think reasonably, to be self-confident and flexible in thinking; they have self-control as well as discipline and perseverance and have learned to work independently and in groups. MSD graduates take all the skills and encouragement and academics and confidence they gain here and go out to make a remarkable impact on the world.

“There are fundamental things about MSD that are different than other schools, which is what makes it so special… This is not a school, it is a community, where individuals flourish, and ideas spring out of the ground like mushrooms after heavy rain. My gratitude for this place is great. I am leaving MSD, but MSD is not leaving me.”


“I was a student at MSD for 11 years. I have been so grateful to be able to learn, grow, and feel safe here. I have been able to make mistakes and learn from them, without feeling bad about making mistakes… I was always supported and encouraged to keep going and strive to push my limits until I succeeded. You have prepared me for anything that comes at me in high school and beyond, thank you, MSD.”


“MSD helped shape me as a person. I learned how important it is to be connected to my community, and that the people around me in school are there to help me so I should use that help to the best of my ability. I was able to easily form relationships with teachers and peers and have a more unique outlook on school.”


“My experience at MSD prepared me to think of new ways to solve problems, be mindful of our environmental problems and come up with solutions to these problems, how to do a project start to finish, how to look at problems at new and different angles, and how to think creatively. Also, it prepared me a lot in history/social studies, environmental sciences, and mathematics.”