Horizons at Montessori School of Denver


Horizons at Montessori School of Denver is a tuition-free*, six-week summer enrichment program that focuses on academic skill-building, social-emotional support, health and wellness activities, and much more. Our mission is to advance educational equity by building long-term partnerships with under-resourced Colorado students, their families and communities.

MSD has joined the Horizons National program as an affiliate of Horizons Colorado. Established by Colorado Academy more than 25 years ago, Horizons Colorado is now the umbrella organization for all Horizons programs in our state. And as only the second Montessori Horizons program in the nation, MSD is excited to launch our first program for three-year old students in June 2024.

Horizons at MSD provides academic enrichment, swimming lessons four days a week with our partners at Little Kickers, and a supportive long-term community. Grounded in Montessori principles, our program provides daily breakfast, lunch and snacks, bilingual instruction, small student groupings for social-emotional learning, and a carefully prepared learning environment designed specifically to capitalize on the student’s natural curiosity and love of learning.

Supporting Horizons at MSD helps ensure our program can continue reaching the students who need it most. Right now is a critical moment to help students access opportunities that ALL students deserve. By donating to Horizons at MSD, you are helping to build and sustain our community for years to come.

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