Montessori School of Denver

Donation & Good Works

We rely on the generosity of our community to deliver one of the best educational models in the country.

Legacy Gate

Stephanie Pax Flanigan Legacy Gate &
Summer Sabbatical Program

Why I Give

“Our family gives to the MSD Annual Fund to support our school, community, teachers, and staff. It is so impressive that every year the MSD faculty and staff reach 100% participation in giving to the Annual Fund and we want to support them and everything they do for our children.” –Family of Lower El and Upper El students

“We give to the Annual Fund to help make a great and exceptional education.” –Upper El parent

“Our family is deeply involved in giving time, money, and effort to causes and organizations we support and believe in. It is as important to us that we are involved in our kids’ organizations as volunteers as it is that we donate money to these organizations. I think our children have a deeper sense of connections to these organizations and causes because we actively discuss our giving with them. We explain the mission and goals of the organizations we support and expect them to understand that one day they will have a responsibility to help others. It’s easy to say, ‘We’re just too busy right now,’ or ‘We just don’t have that much to give.’ Everyone has something to give to create a better community. Whether it is a large donation or a small one, it doesn’t matter. And everybody can MAKE time to volunteer. Giving your time, talent, and treasure makes your community a better place. It’s easy to let life pass you by and not get involved, but that’s not a meaningful life. When you give, the community is a better place AND you enrich your own life.” –Family of an alum, a Middle School student, and two Lower El students