Student Support & Wellness


Wellness at MSD

Montessori School of Denver has a long history of providing both group and individualized academic and social-emotional education to our students. The Student Support Program at MSD is responsible for the development and administration of a developmentally sensitive program that aligns with the mission of the school.

Montessori education is child-centered. The role of the teacher is as a guide or facilitator to connect children to their learning environments by assisting students in developing a positive attitude toward learning, school, and their peers. Children learn through multi-sensory exploration that occurs for each child at his or her own pace. Children in Montessori classrooms have the right to move freely, choose activities independently and achieve a sense of accomplishment. The freedom to choose provided by the Montessori teacher, empowers students to develop self-discipline, lifelong learning skills, abiding curiosity, initiative, and persistence. In mixed-age classrooms, children learn from their peers through observing, interacting and teaching.

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Student Support

In addition to the classroom teacher and appropriate Director of Education, The Student Support Team and Wellness Team consists of our Director of Student Support, School Psychologist, Learning Specialists, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) Consultant, Health Aide, and Nurse.

Social-Emotional Care

Through the Montessori curriculum and other mission-aligned resources and materials, we engage students Toddler-Middle School with age-appropriate activities to encourage social and emotional growth and wellness, including mindfulness themed exercises, character education, health, digital wellness, experiences that drive connection and equity and also build interpersonal skills through service opportunities for purpose development.

Academic Care

All children (and adults!) have areas of strengths and challenges in their learning profile. To meet these needs and to ensure that each child reaches their full potential, Montessori teachers are trained to differentiate instruction. For individual students with significant, diagnosed learning challenges formal, written learning support plans may be developed.

Literacy Care

Through the Montessori curriculum and Orton-Gillingham materials and scope, we provide extra, intensive support for students in Kindergarten through Middle School with our Learning Specialists.